I was once asked by a writer for Elle Magazine "How did you accomplish so much at a young age given the lack of parental guidance during your teens?"   I immediately blurted out "I don't know NO."  It stuck.  I often think about why that defines me.  I guess when there is no one to tell you NO, you can't do "x", you don't understand boundaries or limitations in what you can do or accomplish.

Since the launch of my 2011 HBO documentary, "The Education of Dee Dee Ricks", I have gone on to survive cancer two more times, and a bout of financial crisis due to a failed start up hedge fund that focused on mentoring women and minority investors.  But nothing could have prepared me for the pain of watching my son’s life careen out of control after suffering multiple concussions. Despite the hardships of this new everyday life, we try to find our way back from the pain by focusing on helping others. 

But there's light at the end of every tunnel!  John, Jordan and I have welcomed Donte into the orbit of our family, a former student-athlete in our hockey youth foundation, NextGEN AAA.  My three sons have been the greatest joy of my life and we are proud of the work we have done as a family to become the change we hope to see in this world.

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